Saturday, 26 October 2013

'Twinkly Thoughts' ~ ********

Bumble Bee's folklore tale for today.
'Those who believe in fairies say that drinking
elderberry wine will help you see more clearly the fairy folk in ones garden.'......

( A tiny visitor about his business just recently,)
soo sweet!

~ As we move swiftly through these 
glorious late fall days
and indeed this exciting, vibrant month......
which evocks things seemingly
  going bump in the night!

And with the clocks going back this
 evening for the beginning of winter time.......
Our thoughts at 'Bumble Bee' are turning to a more
'Twinkly' time that is just around the very next corner..

Come take a peek!
Ho Ho Ho!
( Our Christmas window)

This week saw the very exciting time of Christmas
arriving .....
With Baubles, Bells, Santa's, Elves
and of course some seasonal glitter!

Our very first Christmas preview evening
 at 'The Hive' was held this week too 
~ and went wonderfully well...
A big HUG and THANK YOU to all who popped through the door 
to make this evening such a wonderful 'Twinkly' 

Maileg elves very busy in our window displays
just now!
~Listen gently you can just hear their bells 'a' ringing!

All the Bumble Bee's worked incredibly
 hard burning the midnight oils to bring Christmas through
the doors in October.....
And we are ever so delighted we did!

With seasonal mulled wine, mince pies
and live music by Olivia throughout the evening....
~ We all had the most magical time!

Once upon a time 
'Christmas' has arrived at, The Hive
and we believe we are on a countdown 
with eight weeks to go till then!
Pop in for lovely gift ideas for those special peeps!
~ Or just to say hello....
A  warm and cosy welcome awaits you..

Little 'Bee'
(soo adorable)
Who christened our very special preview night with her very
first visit to the hive!

Christmas at The Hive!
~ Come along and feel the magic...
Bee Kind
Bee Creative
Bee Happy!
Hugs and kisses


  1. Oooo it all looks fab,I love the Christmassy day I shall have a Sledge to display my winter decorations outside...I love them
    Wishing you a good season
    Thea xx

  2. HeHe! I don't need elderberry wine to see the fairies
    at the top of my garden....There they are...All playing
    leap frog....With real frogs...And...Toads! :).

    Well! It ALL looks so bee-aughtiful....So homely and
    Does Olivia sing Christmas carols..."We three kings
    of orient are...One in a in a car....One on his
    scooter..blowing his hooter....". (You know the thing) :).

    It ALL looks gooood!
    Looks as though 'Little Bee' has been on the elderberry
    as well.....Lovely! Bless!

  3. A lovely post indeed! I wish I could bother you everyday with questions about alllll the splended Christmas Gems! I love mince pies! I am their in spirit...comfy shop I dream of you xoxoxoDebi in Canada

  4. Oh my goodness! Your store is just adorable! I once had the chance to work at an adorable store much like yours and I swore someday I would open one of my own. Sadly that will not happen and I must be content with my little online shop. But now I know where to go when I want that feeling again! I wish I wasn't so far away, I would love to visit your little piece of heaven! Your Christmas arrangements are so sweet! Best of luck with your Holiday season sales! ~ Diane

  5. It all looks pretty wonderful to me Maria.I think working there would be my dream job! Amongst such prettiness all day long....sigh!! Happy weekend XX


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