Friday, 28 March 2014

Marching on...

Hello and welcome!
Please forgive our absence...
We've been busy little bees right through February with new spring orders.
~ and before we've had time to catch our breath
we've 'marched' right into a brand new month.

( Come take a peek )
The shop window just now
in view of Mothering Sunday approaching..

The shop looks pretty full.
With lots and lots to tempt purses of every size!
Just as we know you like to see it.

This very weekend in the UK
we celebrate all that is wonderful about our
special Mothers!

We will be serving afternoon tea and cakes
to all our little visitors ( big or small) who pop through the door 
to choose a special gift for their lovely Mum....

It's just a way of saying Thank you!
As we really appreciate your visits to the Hive.

We would like to wish you a wonderful weekend.
doing and being with those you love
the most!

And don't forget we spring forward with our clocks tomorrow evening!
Hip pip hooray!
The days will be a just that little bit longer...
for pottering AND puttering!
Some thing little bees like to do very much...

Till next time!
Thank you for popping into our little corner of blog land.
Bee kind
Bee creative
Bee happy!
Hugs and kisses
Bumble Bee

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