Friday, 21 June 2013

And So It Began....

Once upon a time
when no one was looking  because days were busy with the thoughts and responsibilities of every day life....
A little bee was busy among the hedgerows in 'The Meadow Of The Vale Of Nightshade',  
~foraging among the pretty, Meadow Sweet and Foxgloves
collecting nectar as she went along.....

She was a very busy little bee, indeed....

~ When all of a sudden an idea of escapism came into her busy mind.
Let's open a pretty gift shop filled to the brim with loveliness.
Where time and the 'hum-drum' of life are left at the door.
Folks can browse and shop till their hearts are content
and leave with a happy heart, the prettiest of gifts
all wrapped in brown paper packages tied with the cutest gingham bow!

~"Ooh and we should call the shop, Bumble Bee?"
We simply should...
And so it began....... 

~ Bumble Bee's very special till.
It brings a cheery  smile to every ones face's!

~ As in all good stories there is a beginning and then an end.
For 'Bumble Bee' this was just the beginning for she has the longest, happiest tale to tell...
~ and she will be 'buzzing' about the next part of her exciting story very soon...
Please call in again to hear all about' Bumble Bee At The Hive'.
Bumble Bee's next adventure!
~Until then.
Bee Kind.
Bee Creative.
Bee Happy!

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