Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Love Is In The Air....

"February brings the rains,
Thaws the frozen lake again"...
The poem of the months of the year.
By Sara Coleridge..

February's window display here at the hive just now...

A big cheery
 from all at Bumble Bee!
We can't quite get our heads around
 the simple fact that it is
~ February, the month of Love, already!!
~ I wonder just how that happened?
Although we've been a 'tad' bit busy here in the shop..
With all the January sales and all...
Christmas seems, far, far away....
and we can't help but feel
  a little 'springy' in our step just now...

We've been busy bees looking for new pieces to fill the shop with a fresh new springy feel.
~ Ooh and there's lots of old ~ new pretty painted pieces too..
looking to be re ~ loved once more.. 
A touch of pink, maybe?
Delightful for that boudoir with an old-y world-y feel..
who could resist? 

With thoughts of LOVE all around us...

We have just the ticket ~
Tokens quite simply from the heart.

For that special someone.
They are sure to make their heart miss a beat or two. 

We also promised you a little peek at 'Bee'....
Remember her?

Well she's not quite so little any more...
Below is the field (her play ground at home)
Where she takes her walks each day....
~ The ground so deep with rain fall, that each dog walk
is more like a great big 'doggie paddle' just now..

~ Bee is always more than happy
 to jolly well jump on in..

~ Should I or shouldn't I?

And the object of her desire ....

 has extra special love to share 
for everyone...
She's a great big 'softie' at heart and wouldn't hurt a fly!
She doesn't have the gift of hearing you see.
Yes, she was born completely deaf.
But that doesn't stop her grabbing life by all four paws and
truly living!!
~ More from Bee, on our next post...

We will leave you here..

~ But we would simply like to say, 
Thank you !
For popping in to our little corner of blog land..
and leaving little words of kindness..
Wishing you a happy rest of week!

Bee kind 
Bee Creative
Bee Happy!
Love and hugs 
Bumble Bee..

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