Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Another Chapter Begins...

Bumble Bee's
Garden Folklore Tale For Today...

"The name Foxglove is derived from a legend which claims
that wicked fairies's with minds full of mischief gave a rather naughty 
foxy gentleman flower petals to put on his paws so that he
could sneak into the chicken house with out a single sound ever being heard..."

~ Taken with kindness from'Trugs, Dibbers, Trowels and Twine'
By Isobel Carlson...

.......  Are we all sitting comfortably I wonder?
Then I shall begin with the very next chapter of Bumble Bee's tale...
Bumble Bee's days were the busiest of kinds...

Folks came to browse and chat and talk of  whimsical pretty things!
And they almost always left with a 'twinkle' in their eye and a pretty gift or even two!

~ At other times of the day they left with a 'skip and a jump' and  inspiration to paint and 'putter'....
And almost always with desires to inspire and re-love those  pieces of furniture that were perhaps once thought of as past their sell by date!

Painted up re-loved beautiful side board with the prettiest of mirrors!
(given a fresh lick of paint and a new life)
Oh la la.
In the shop at this very moment in time!

"Anyone for tea?"
One of two hostess tea trolleys in the shop right now!
This one is a lovely old green and the other is a peach of a pretty cream colour!

~Days in Bumble Bee are as sweet as honey and humming as a busy bee!
And all was enchantingly well for many years.
'Twelve to 'bee' precise'...

~ Until one day in winter when the clouds fell as 'pitter patter' rain drops and the word on the streets was that a wonderful building just over the road was needing some 'tender -loving care'....
Bumble Bee's heart was always drawn here!
As with all good things timing must be right though.....
And little Bumble Bee waited and waited with the heaviest of hearts...

Guided by thoughts and feelings of making a new hive....
where folks can still browse and forage and chat and make ideas into reality!
~ But with the added attraction of sipping tea from pretty china cups!
Ooh Bumble Bee was so very excited!
The Hive's pretty entrance!

~ Would you like to take a tiny peek into Bumble Bee's new shop?
Well come on in then!
~ There are Wonderful, original features and stain glass.
Sought locally and brought home and re-loved once more!
Please notice the 'lucky horse shoe' on the brick work below!
The building once homed a horse and cart and there were many bails of hay along with beautiful white feathers and of course our' lucky horse shoe' found here...
Bumble Bee could always see the bigger picture of just what the hive could become!

Reclaimed beautiful floor above.
In it's former life it has only graced the floor of a large engine shed at Kings Cross Station.!
And now lays happily under foot for many years once again...
I do wonder just what tales it could tell us of the many people who have crossed its path on their travels to who knows where....
  Bumble Bee fell in love with her new hive!
And she would like to take this time to give a big THANK YOU to her wonderful builders 'Angel' Mike and his team
Who seemed to appear as though by magic with the vision, attention to detail,  and such consideration to the old building!
You have been just the best!
Thank YOU once again....

Now as with all things!
The very best dreams, desires and even wishes are almost always longer to come true ~ and all good things are almost always worth waiting for!
Don't you think?

So with a hug and a sly wink and a little buzz of excitement!
Bumble Bee is nearing her dream date.....
But just not quite yet!!
Please do call in again and join us for more up to date adventures...
Because we just can't wait to tell you more!
Until then.
Bee kind
Bee creative
Bee happy!

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