Friday, 31 October 2014

All Hallows Eve..

~" Double , double toil and trouble;
fire burn and cauldron bubble" ....

Happy All Hallows Eve !
From all at Bumble Bee..

Have a' hocus pocus '
fun loving kind of time..

~ We will see you shortly with an up date on Christmas,
here at the Hive !!
hugs Bumble Bee x

Thursday, 11 September 2014


"The hedgerows flaunt their harvest
in every meadow nook.
And brambles by the road side
make blackberries by the brook.
~ From dewy lanes at morning,
the rose-hips ripe to pick...
and noon time brings the pretty butterflies, 
then all the hedges are a flutter ~
By all these lovely tokens 
September days are here..
With summers best of winter and 
Autumns best of cheer"....
September by Helen Jackson.

Its been a' busy bee' summer,
 for us at The Hive.. 
August seemed to pass us by, with the blink of an eye.
We would first of all like to thank you all
for your very kind visits on here and in the shop!
We can honestly say, our first year has
been pretty splendid all round...

~ And as September arrives and we start to think of 
bidding summer farewell..
We are greeted with the most beautiful 
Blackberry bushes are simply laden..
Its Septembers promise of the beautiful autumn 
to follow..

Bumble bee's most favorite time of year..

Natures abundant harvest...

We have lots and lots of new pretty stock arriving
each day..
Want to take a peek ?

~ Well come on in then...

The shops looking quite enchanting..

With lanterns and twinkly fairy lights ...
Perfect for those cosy night's drawing in
~  little by little ...

We also have the most delightful sofa! 
~ its from the 'Alice in Wonderland' range..
Ooh my , what do you think ?

The' Bumble bee's' have simply fallen in
love with this..

Our next little postie,
will bring you Halloween with all its magic ...
There will be Jack 'o' lanterns and black cat's and of course 
witches shrieks in our winow display's once more !!
Ooh can't wait !!
BOO !!

September hugs and kisses ...
From us all..
And of course Bee !!

Bee kind 
Bee creative 
Bee Happy !
Bumble Bee x

Monday, 21 July 2014

July Brings.......

"July brings the greatest heat,
Cloudy skies and dusty streets"...
(The months by Sara Colerige )

Come on in !
 You are most welcome..

The biggest greetings from us all at the Hive..
The summer seems to have us buzzing around
 with the busiest of little minds...

And here we are in July already !
~ "Time flies when your'e having fun,"
 as they say..

And it's always such fun here at the Hive..
Come take a peek..

Full to the brim of quirkiness !

July see's us restocking
 with summer time loveliness..
We have the prettiest 
~  bunting, summer fairy ~ twinkly lights..
To add sparkle to your little place called 
And gifts of delight to fill your boots 
with happiness...

Our summer window...
Kitties are hugging in the displays, just now...
" Purfect "

We are wishing you're July to 
be a happy kind of one..
with lots of long, sunny ~ days to dream and wish...

And of course we thank you
for you're kindest visit here..

Till next time..
Hugs and kisses
Bee kind
Bee Wise
Bee Happy !
Bumble Bee x 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

June At The Hive x

"A Father is some one who carries photographs in his
wallet, where his money used to be"....

Happy of happiest Thursdays to you all !
We would like to welcome you to our little corner 
and also remind you of a special calender date this weekend too!

Fathers day, of course.

With lots and lots in the shop to spoil that special Dad.

And make his day a happy kind of one!

( Come take a peak, the shop, just now)
Full to the brim of loveliness!

As always we have been 'busy little bee's'....
(just as we like it)
~ with lots and lots of pretty new stock 
arriving each day!
It's been an absolute pleasure unpacking and putting them out on display! 
We are now stocking the wonderful
( Beautiful arm chairs and soft country cushions) 

So very delightful...
~  adding just the right amount of charm to any 
little place called home..

Pretty displays in the shop!

( Wonderful old ~y world ~y side board)
Looking to be re ~loved once more!

Some how or other June is here again..
Ooh ~ my the year seems to be running away from us all.
he he!

We will say goodbye from the hive for now.
" Wishing the sun to shine on your day! 
Bee Kind
Bee Creative
Bee Happy!

We will be back again before you know it!
Happy days !
 Bumble Bee x

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