Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Jack Frost....

Jack Frost.
By John P Smeeten.

( Taken with kindness from Google)

Jack Frost was in the garden,
I saw him there at dawn;
He was dancing round the bushes
And prancing on the lawn
He had a cloak of silver
A hat all shimmering white,
A wand of glittering stardust,
And shoes of sunbeam light.
~ Jack Frost was in the garden
When I went out to play
He nipped my toes and fingers
And quickly ran away...
I chased him round the wood-shed
But, oh I'm sad to say
that though I chased him everywhere
He simply wouldn't stay!.

~ Watch out! watch out!
Jack Frost is about...
As we move on swiftly through the seasons
You can't help but notice winter with all
her vengeance
has arrived once more..
And with first visits from Jack Frost and his chilly cloak of
white frosting...
~ there is no going back!
The first snows have fallen on the hill sides
here in Cumbria too...
Oh My!
~ keeping cosy is most apparent right now!

~ We just had to include this picture
of, Little Bee this morning...
who incidentally isn't put off in the slightest
by Jack Frost....
Life is just a bowl of cherries, for her right now!!!


Here in the shop we have
 November wrapped up all cosy and warm!
With the most twinkly of lights and garlands of 
winter red berries!
It's a treat for the eyes...
and indeed all the senses...
with scents of baked ginger bread and cinnamon candles 
burning low!

~ And to beat those winter chills we have the cosiest 
of quilts in the most prettiest
of colours in the shop right now...
Perfect for snuggling down with a 
mug of delicious coco piled high with marshmallows
of course...

( There is a special cosy 20% reduction off the full price too)

Papa Elf in his most favourite rocking chair....

He gives you the warmest welcome
at the door!

~ Here at The Hive we are counting down 
the weeks till Christmas time..

~ Just five weeks to go!
We would like to thank you also
for the kindest of comments always...
And wish you a cosy rest of week....
And remember don't let mischievous
Jack Frost nip those fingers and toes...
He's out and about just now, YOU KNOW!!!
Bee Kind
Bee Creative
Bee Happy!



    Oh Maria, this special corner of your world is where I'd like to be right now.

    LOVE TO YOU! Anita


    Jack frost was in the garden,
    l saw him there at dawn;
    He was dancing round the bushes,
    and prancing round the lawn.
    He had a cloak of silver,
    a hat of shimm'ring white,
    a wand of glittering star-dust,
    and shoes of sunbeam light.

    Jack Frost was in the garden,
    when i went out to play;
    He nipped my toes and fingers,
    and quickly ran away.
    I chased him round the wood-shed,
    But, Oh! I'm sad to say,
    that though l chased him everywhere,
    he simply would'nt stay.

    Jack Frost was in the garden,
    but now l'd like to know;
    where l can find him hiding.
    I've lost his cloak of silver,
    his hat all shimm'ring white,
    his wand of glittering star-dust,
    his shoes of sunbeam light....


    1. Oh! Maria.....Silly Willie.....!
      So sorry....I've have this book of winter poems!
      Browsed through it and thought, like that poem!
      Did'nt think......It's the same one as above....Sorry!
      Got a bit carried away....The further the better, some
      would say....HeHe!

    2. Don't worry Willie!
      We LOVE your visits and words of wisdom!!

  3. How cosy are you! Miss Maria Bumblebee, no frosty toes for you, just magic dust, sunbeams on twinkly afternoons....oh and mince pies always always mince pies xxxx
    Hugs Lynn xxx

  4. It looks so cosy and full of Christmas cheer despite the cold Jack Frost has bought you.
    Sarah x

  5. Jack Frost has attacked me for another year! I'm in lizard mode till further notice! xoxoxoxoDebi

  6. The shop is looking really fine, so cosy and welcoming.

  7. The shop looks well prepared for Santa to do his gift buying and papa elf is just so adorable.
    Ali x

  8. It all looks so warm and full of joys, Maria... even if it is cold outside
    I love the Pixies
    Thea xx

  9. Hi flower, your blog is really amazing! Fascinating posts! I just love it and I'm following! I hope you'll visit me and follow mine too.

    Kisses from Russia, www.annmartynova.ru

  10. Bumble Bee has the biggest warmest heart just now from all the kindest of comments! Thank you, and all the blessings of the season to you all....x


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