Monday, 19 May 2014

You Are As Welcome As The flowers In May...

(Thank you Google)

 At The Hive..
We would just like to say
" You are as welcome as the flowers in May!
We've been busy little bee's here in the shop, just recently.
 Oh my, May already, 
We wonder just how that happened!

We now have our new stairway in place..
Exciting! times a head..

With lots of lovely new pretty pieces..
'Oh decisions, decisions'..
Come lets take a peak.

Love, Love and Love some more..
( Beautiful old ~y World~y Dresser)
No extra charge for 'wibberly wobbly' original glass! 
To add a little charm to any little place called home..

Old ~ New pieces..
With the prettiest rose pink handles, you've ever seen..

Always lots of 'chippy painted' quirky pieces too!

Our window just now..
Pretty buntings and garden lanterns hang, perfect to
entertain those long 'balmy' evenings..

"Summer time and the living is easy"..

We are wishing you lots and lots
 of warm happy days
 a head..
The kind of days that little' bees' love best of all....
"Take time to smell the roses along
 the way, won't you?"

All grown up!
('Bee' in the meadow's just now)

Bee kind
Bee Creative 
Bee Happy
With hugs and kisses
Bumble Bee x

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