Tuesday, 24 September 2013

~ Falling into Fall......

(Taken with kindness from Google)

"Fall has arrived behold the changing leaves,
and enjoy the crisp breeze.
~ Let your eyes take in the bursts of colour.
Transformation is a foot and hope
is in the air".....

~ Bumble Bee would like to thank you all for your very kind
 comments on the last post!
They made our day, they really did....
~ And as the seasons change and we bid summer farewell.
We would like to introduce Autumn
with her colours of beautiful golds
 and russet reds
to The Hive!

~With lots of wonderful new stock to mark the
changing seasons....
~ All Hallow's Eve
 being just around the very next corner.

Look out for the Jack ~ 'O' ~ Lantern
in the shop window at the moment!

~ He's sure to make you smile
~ and cast a spell on you!...

~ Step into Narnia.
~ Beautiful  new ~ old wardrobe...
This piece has been very much loved
and is in the most wonderful condition...
(Sorry Narnia wardrobe now re ~ homed)

Bumble Bee
Would very much like to introduce someone else
who most certainly will steal your heart....

This is beautiful 'Bee'.
She's a newest recruit to the Bumble Bee
Very soon she will be big enough to greet you all in 
The Hive!
 We think she is adorable and we know 
you will too!

~ We will close for now
and we would simply like to wish 
you a week full of inspiration.
Until next time.

Bee kind 
Bee Creative
Bee Happy.
Hugs and Autumnal kisses.
Bumble Bee x


  1. It all looks so pretty, I cannot believe it will be October next week.. eek!!
    Happy Days
    Thea x

  2. ...awesome autumnal deliciousness!...(O:

  3. Well! I've been sat out on the patio.....It's 25 degrees out
    there! Enjoying a 'continental' coffee....AND....A piece of
    burfday cake! Must'nt eat it all, my old fan club are visiting
    tomorrow, so best keep some for them...! :>).
    I've just cut the grass back and front, and it's lovely out
    here! Suns out to! 'Misery-Guts' Flossy has been round,
    sniff'in here and there, settle down for a little sleep now!
    Purring away!

    The shop looks lovely Maria! If l ever visited...Don't think
    l'd want to leave.....HeHe! Love the colours to!

    And, the wardrobe is lovely to! Yes! Narnia!
    The Witch, the Lion....No! The Lion the Wardrobe...No!
    The Wardrobe..The Lion.....Oh! You know what l mean...!!!
    HeHe! Love It! :>).

  4. The interior of your shop looks lovely and what a beautiful dog! x

  5. Visited the Hive and was thrilled with what I found. Just my kind of shop. Full of wonderful goodies. Oh and Bee is delightful. Sx

  6. Bee is adorable and I love the Narnia wardrobe. xx

  7. The shop s looking fabulous,I would love to visit soon,Xxxx

  8. So cosy for autumn. Love this blog, too, you've created a bit of magic.

  9. Such a gorgeous shop, I wish I lived closer.

  10. Beautiful and full of Autumnal magic, just love it xxxx

  11. Oh how did I miss this the beauty of Fall at the Bumble Bee !
    Clapping wildly and wanting to hug the new sweet puppy ~ oh it will be so lovely to be greeted by her , what a beautiful mascot. Is she an English Setter ? Sweetie she is !


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