Sunday, 8 September 2013

September Musings.......

by Helen Jackson.

The hedgerows flaunt their harvest
in every meadow nook.
And Brambles by the road side
make Blackberries by the brook.
~ From dewy lanes at morning
The rose hips ripe to pick
and noon time brings the pretty butterflies
and all the hedges are a flutter...
By all these lovely tokens
September days are here...
with summers best of weather
and autumns best of cheer.....
The end.
Or just the beginning
~ Of autumn time that is...!

We would love to start with a big THANK YOU to
those lovely peeps who visited us on Bumble Bees wonderful
opening day...

You all made the day so very special...
YOU really did...

And with wonderful talent and a mixture of scrupulous delights 
to eat...
Beautiful gifts to browse
to your hearts content!
All the delightful ingredients for a day to remember with
such fondness.....

and Jade
Played and sang all day long....
~ with sounds of Monsters and Men
And Laura Marling....
~ echoing and inviting people to come and 
see our new Hive...

~The pictures shown here were
captured in memory
to keep for

~ If you have been a busy bee also and haven't had
chance to pop in and say hello...
A Warm Welcome Awaits You!

~ Have you noticed the evenings are 
drawing in little
by little...
~It will be soon time for warm knits 
once again...

Brrrr there is also a slight nip in the air just
And the bushes are simply laden 
with blackberries...
September has slipped in gently through the
back door and is making her presence known
just now...
Bumble Bees most favourite time....

Good bye sweet summer time and welcome
dear Autumn...
~With your burnished shades of gold, copper and red...

Autumns promise of the colours to follow...
Hugs and kisses xxx
Bee Kind 
Bee Creative
Bee Happy!
Love Bumble Bee..x


  1. ...sweet autumnal blessings to thee and thine!...(O:

  2. Hello, Dear Bumblebee, I loved your autumnal post.

  3. BEES!
    "Wherever they go,
    they go with purpose,
    with power...with pride!
    With their instrumental humming,
    and buzzing, and a simple smell to guide"!

    AND...Not forgetting the children...

    "Honey is yummy..
    For my tummy.
    I put it on bread,
    like a spread.
    I put it on a stick..
    And, give it a lick..."! :>)

  4. Harvesting new blog friends and lovely tales! huge hug! Debi over they way.

  5. thanks for your lovely comments. wish you were in Devon or at least a bit nearer . id support your bee adventuer. i do love the feel of your blog and i can bet you are a nice person from this i know. you have a gift of words as well as pics. all the best

  6. Bumble Bee is humming with delight...thank you for popping in and leaving kindness behind YOU!

  7. I will pop in one day, so glad the grand opening was such a wonderful day, looks like even the sun shone
    Thea xx

  8. Glad the day went well, hope you will be busy. x


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