Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New' Bee' ginnigs....

Bumble Bee's garden folk lore thought for today..

"All The Flowers Of All The Tomorrows Are In The Seeds Of Today."
An Indian Proverb.
~Taken with kindness from, Trugs Dibbers Trowels and Twine.
By Isobel Carlson.

.......And so here we are with a smile on our faces and a twinkle in our eye and a date set 
for 'The Hive's' exciting opening on Saturday 24th August!
This very weekend!!!
~ We are busy excited little bees indeed!

~ But we did promise to tell you of Norah, our very own resident  friendly ghost!
So pop on the kettle and pull up a chair and we will begin......

Many of our lovely customers and friends are only too aware of Norah, Norah Jones.....
Not the wonderful singer, I may add, but a gentle spirit that has been with us from the very start...
~ No 86 Scott Street was her happy home before the shop days!
Nora has made her presence known to us for all of our twelve years of being here.
She lets us know if she isn't to happy with stock going a miss and items
moving from the shelves!
A couple of years ago we moved the old iron bed display in the up stairs front bedroom.
'Nora's bedroom', that is.
Ooh my Nora wasn't all to pleased at all....
The shop felt unsettled, we couldn't quite explain why?
~ But later that week a friend visited and explained that things should be put back as before, after all this had been Nora's home before our shop and she simply didn't want too much change to her room!
~ She simply requested that Nora would like a bed side table by the bed and a small candle
and a pretty china cup would be nice too!
And we simply did as we were asked...
~Jolly quickly things at Bumble Bee felt calm and homely once more!
Norah was happy!

~We would like to add to this true story that all has been quiet at No. 86 for some time now...
and we have since been told by the same lovely friend that Nora has given her blessings to our new move over 'The Hive'......
~She has in fact moved over with us, this would explain the most beautiful calm and lovely feeling on entering
the building, almost like coming home after a long busy day at work!
~ I guess we are being looked after once again..
Thank you, Norah Jones...

Bumble Bee Would like to thank you all too, for the kindest good wishes
We have bottled them up with care and are making sweet honey with them all!

(Pretty rag girl with delicous curls made with love by Helen Mckenna)
We are ever so excited for the opening day!
Pop in and say hello won't you? A warm welcome awaits you all with nibbles, live music and of course beautiful gift ideas for that
quirky and individual home...

Fingers and toes crossed that Mr Sunshine shows his face too!

See you all there!
Hugs and Summer kisses, Bumble Bee Xxx


  1. Oh I do wish I was attending !
    Very best of wishes for a lovely turn out and sunshine this weekend.
    Xox Willow

  2. Good Luck for tomorrow Maria, although I am sure everything will be wonderful, especially as Norah will be watching over you all..
    Sparkly Wishes to everyone
    Thea xx

  3. ~ Bumble Bee Sends sweet hugs for these lovely kind wishes ****

  4. I do hope your Opening went well.
    Maybe one day I will get to Cumbria


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