Monday, 12 August 2013

The Day Is Dawning!

~ Bumble Bee's garden folklore tale for today!

"According to ancient tradition.The secret to eternal youth
is to carry an acorn about your person at all times....
This is because Oak trees are pretty grand and strong and live to a ripe old age"....
~ Taken with kindness from 'Trugs Dibbers Trowels and Twine'
By Isobel Carlson.

Trumpets are sounding!!!!

(Courtesy of Google thank you kindly!)

~ The date is set and the bees are simply humming....

Hello lovely friends.
The date is set and the bees have been ever so busy preparing their
new hive!
Great excitement is in the air.
We have our very special grand opening day on Saturday 24th August
with wonderful new stock to give that extra loveliness to 
any little Hive Oops, home.
There will be nibbles and fizz and wonderful live acoustic music throughout
the day from
our very own local gals Olivia Miller and Jade Connolly!

It's a tea party not to be missed!
We do hope you can join us from 10am onwards!
Please don't be late!

(Picture courtesy of Google thank you kindly)

~ We will be stocking a lovely range of 'Alice In Wonderland' Furniture!
and pretty 'Alice' Jewellery!
~ All very unique and ever so pretty!

~ We would also like to show you if we may a few pictures
from the very beginning of our journey with all the building work!
It's been quite a journey...

(please press on picture to enlarge)

We think you'll all agree it's quite some transformation!

~ We hope to see you all there on August 24th!
~ Loyalty cards will be given out on the day along with lots of special offers!
We do value our lovely customers!

(Above our new range of gorgeous cards for that very special person)

On our very next post we will telling you all about 'Norah Jones!'
Our very own resident ghost...
She has been with us at Bumble Bee 86 Scott Street from the very beginning!
~ We have heard a whisper or two, that she has already
taken to her new residence over the road at the Hive!
More about Norah next time....
'Till then...

BEE Kind
BEE Creative
BEE Happy!
Hugs and Summer kisses Bumble Bee!


  1. IT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN! How I wish I could attend this Maria! Anita

  2. You are going to have so much fun! I wish I could bee with you on the day, don't forget to share some pics. xxx

  3. Best of luck......!!!!! :).
    Have a fun day....I'll be there
    in 'spirit' especially if your
    having some fizzy stuff...Cheers!

    Look forward to Nora's story to....
    Are you sure it's not Norah Batty. :>).

  4. ~ Thank you for these lovely best wishes ***** Bumble Bee has bottled them all up and is making sweet honey with them!


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