Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Exciting Times.....

We've lots and lots to get excited about here at Bumble Bee.
A shiny bright new year for one.
This will include another exciting adventure for us...
"The Hive tea room and coffee shop"!
It's going to be a place to sip tea and have a bite to eat
~  In the cosiest of cosy environment...
A place to take time out and just 'bee'!!
There will be lots more about this on our future posts!!
Last year we closed the door on the old shop and hopped, skipped 
and jumped over the road to the new!

We had the most wonderful opening day
with lots of lovely peeps popping in to wish us well and of
course going home with a twinkle in their eye and a brown paper bag filled to the brim
with loveliness!

At The Hive..
Summer was just the best ever...
 and Autumn came along quickly with all her traditions.

Witches were seen to be merry making
 in our window displays...
~ You could hear their shrieks of laughter all the while....

Then there was the arrival of 'little Bee'...
who incidentally isn't quite so 'little' any more..
( More about her on the next post)

You could fill your boots with Christmas
 in the first few weeks of advent...
~ You really could...

But all's well that ends well..
There's possibly only a smudging of the festive stuff left in our January sale with most of Christmas going out the shop to new homes...
Ooh, Christmas was a busy old time at The Hive...
and we'd like to say a big 
Thank you
to all who popped through our doors...
We really do appreciate your visits! 

We like to add most of the 'cheeky' Maileg elves have now been re-homed!
They caused quite a stir in our Christmas window displays...
(Including good old Papa Elf
who did a marvellous job of keeping the others all in check!)
We wish them well...

Papa Elf..
Sorry re-homed...

New year brings excitement and new adventures for Bumble Bee with
our very own tea room opening later in the year...
We will be sure to keep
you all posted with this...
~ Goodness we've never felt soo excited!

(Spring bunnies have now arrived safe and sound)

That's us about up to date!
There are lots of beautiful gift ideas in the shop right now...
~ So please don't get the January Blues...
Call in and say hello!
The snow drops should be making their d├ębut before we know it...
Happy new and exciting year!
Bee Wise
Bee Creative 
Bee Happy!
Love and hugs
Bumble Bee x  


  1. Happy New Year & Hugs to all at Bumble Bee. xx

  2. Happy New Year.... love little bumble Bee xxxxxx
    Your tea room sounds just the ticket scrummy cake perfect xx
    Hugs Lynn xx

  3. Dear bumble Bee,

    Just found you via the blog Vintage sheet addict, your profile picture awakened my curiousity . so I got to your hive. What a wonderful place you've got here!
    I adore everything!

    Brigitte from Belgium


  4. Hi Maria
    Thanks for dropping by my little blog...
    You have a real cutie here and I sooooo wished I lived closer to visit your cosy Bee loveliness!

    If you are interested in being involved in my magazine or fancied being featured sometime just let me know my lovely.....
    Tilly x



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