Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Wonderful New Year!

Happy of happiest new years Eve
to all our lovely blog friends on here...
Thank you for your kindest comnets, always!
We wish you a New year of Love, light, Peace and Joy!

Happy 2014
( The year of the horse in the Chinese calendar)
to you....
Lets hope she is kind to us all!


  1. Oh ! if I lived near....I would SO bother Your shop! Enchanting!
    Happy New Year! xoxoDebi ...freezing in Canada!,!

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely New Year Message.. (love the music so much xx)
    I hope you have the most wonderful year.. I must come and see you as your not that far away and I would love to see your gorgeous shop xxx
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

    1. Please, please come and say hello, Lynn!
      We would be over the moon to meet you....x

  3. Wishing the Bumble Bee at the Hive all the best in the New Year !
    Honey Bee is quite proud to hear it is the year of the horse ~ and she hopes that includes wee "miniature horses" too ;)
    Happy New Year Bumble Bee at the Hive,
    From Whimsy Willows Farm


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