Monday 8 June 2015

Bumbling along ......

The Bee And The Lily .

" Buzz went the bee with a merry Din.
" Who's there" ? cried the lily, her cup within.
" You're gossip, the bee with a tale so funny,
to hum in your ear while you brew your honey ;
But you must not repeat it for love or money !
Buzz went the rogue , with a merry din,
as the lily opened and let him in .
" Why lily I vow its a palace quite,
This kitchen of yours so warm and white ,
And such fine honey! Now might I venture
To sniff for a moment, to ..... taste, to sip 
A morsel merely to moisten my lip,
without incurring thereby your censure?"
" Oh said the lily pray eat your fill."
So the bee set to work with a right good will:
He fluttered and buzzed , he tried and tasted,
Nothing was missed and nothing wasted;
He ate and he ate ~ it was really funny
To see him swallow such heaps of honey .....

( Thomas Westwood )

We would like to start this little post with a big 
'Hello' !
We have been bumbling along very busily and we have lots to
tell you dear folks ..
Pop on the kettle , pull up a comfy chair 
and we will begin .
Tonight at approximately 6 pm , local time ,
our very own website will be launched..  
We are of course very exited about this !
It will be a chance for you folks to view at your own leisure
our lovely and exclusive gift wear and of course quirky 
hand painted / old furniture..
And of course if there's any thing that catches your eye.
Well , just let us know we are more than happy to reserve !

Whilst we have been busy 'summer' has arrived !
And its lovely having our welcoming doors open 
once again..

The shops looking mighty pretty indeed.
Come on in your very 
Welcome !

Quirky pieces for that ' individual home ' !

" Weddings "
Its that time of year !
"Some thing old , some thing new , some thing borrowed 
some thing blue "...

Its a little while since 'Bee' has made an appearance
 on our blog.
So here she is too !

 Happily playing among those wild buttercups !
She's a very special dog ..
And we are looking forwards to her visits in the shop ..
We have lots more to tell you , but we will save this for next time..

We will close this little post for now !
And we thank you kindly for your visits, here !
Happy Month of 'June ' , dear readers !
This glorious field of wild flowers tell us of natures promise 
of warmer days ahead !
Fingers & toes crossed any ways !

Bee Kind 
Bee Creative 
Bee Happy !
Bumble Bee..

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